The Grocery List Project: Week 2

To learn about this project, click here. This post is organized this way – the grocery lists, information & facts on food insecurity, resources, and anonymous general information about the people who submitted the lists published. Looking for ways to help out? Check with you local school district or houses of worship to see if they sponsor backpack or grocery bag programs. Check online for organizations such as food pantries, food banks, and soup kitchens that collect food in your area. A list of such organization is being compiled below and will be added to each week.

Items on the list above include: tissues, brown sugar, wine, spaghetti sauce, liquid hand soap, swiffer pads, bananas, total, iced tea, lactaid, english muffins, herbal tea, crystal liste, tea bags, bread, tuna fish, applies, Tazo Awake.

Helpful Hints when Donating to a Food Program:

*Food Banks are able to buy in bulk for very good prices so donations of money are always very useful, maybe even more useful than actual food. However, Food Pantries benefit from both actual food items and money. The difference between Food Banks and Food Pantries are as follows: Food Banks feed lots of people from a wide area, either directly or by supplying to soup kitchens and other community food programs. Food Pantries are locally based and address individuals’ needs in the immediate surrounding community. They are often located in churches, or social service agencies as part of larger missions. It is a good idea to check with your local Food Bank/Pantry to see what is most useful to them.
*When donating to backpack programs, choose canned items with pop off or peel off lids in case the recipient does not have or cannot use a can opener.
*When donating macaroni & cheese try to get the kind that is premixed so that no additional ingredients like milk, which may not be available, are needed.

Food Relief Programs:

Feeding America (national program)
National council on Aging Food Assistance Programs (national program)
Friends of Forgotten Children (New Hampshire)
Brookings County Food Pantry & other resources (South Dakota)
Virginia Peninsula Food Bank (S.E. Virginia)
Cherry Hill Food Pantry (New Jersey)

Info from this week’s shoppers:

This is an unusual pairing of lists this week. There are four people involved total and they all live alone, however, three of them are currently on vacation together. The description for that bunch is “Three fussy people on vacation”. One of the people used to dine out often for lunch and then save the leftovers for dinner; however, Covid has changed that so now that person cooks home more.

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