Another, More Accurate View of Yesterday’s Post

Yesterday I posted an image of my new desk and some of the things on top of it. Today, I am giving you more of a true to life action shot.

Desk – Another View

So here we are, all set up and working. Cat on the mat, cup o’ tea, weeds to study, field guides, etc. And….the real view behind that closed door with the lovely shadow – the toilet! Yep, if ever I were to get to full of myself, only a brief glance upward keeps me humble. So you may ask, ‘why not just close the door?’. Good question. Here is the answer – the litter box is right inside that door. Yes, there is another entrance to that bathroom off the main hallway. But God forbid the Cat would have to walk outside the room, through the living room, into the hallway, then across the bathroom instead of simply jumping off the table and landing right near the litter box. And as you know, you can’t upset the Cat!

4 thoughts on “Another, More Accurate View of Yesterday’s Post

  1. Ah! Now that is more like it … especially sweet Lulu. While I understand she is a bit feisty at times, she is good company. I get not disturbing the cat.

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