Local (?) History

Last week we went for a walk on a local greenway that features statues of prominent citizens from the area. While we did not get to see all the statues, the ones we did see were informative and impressive. The one I am choosing to feature here is because, though it is a local figure, what the person stands for has national significance. A great thinker? No. A great artist/poet? No. A great historic figure? No, not in the true sense of the word. Give up? Ok, the mystery person is the guy responsible for Lance peanut butter crackers.

What we especially got a kick out of was the statue itself with hand extended offering some peanut butter crackers to joggers and pedestrians as well as the pedestal on which he stood which was, of course, a peanut butter cracker.

Here is a quick history of the cracker

And here is the entire statue of Philip Lance Van Every

Philip Lance Van Every

12 thoughts on “Local (?) History

  1. Oh, that’s really neat! I will want to hear all about that! It was Little Sugar Creek Greenway. They have a trail of history but we were only able to locate 5 statues. I think there are a total of 17.


  2. Oh my goodness!!!  My absolute favorite salty snack. I usually have a few in the cupboard … right now, there is a 6 packI picked up at the Acme. Nellie

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  3. They have many products I have never tried. Apparently one of the selling points was it was thought of as a way to provide a quick snack for the many textile workers in the area.


    1. Dorothy! Hello! How are you? We have not walked in over a year. I did see Shannon recently though. Hope you are well and enjoying you new location which I guess is not so new anymore.


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