Another, More Accurate View of Yesterday’s Post

Yesterday I posted an image of my new desk and some of the things on top of it. Today, I am giving you more of a true to life action shot. So here we are, all set up and working. Cat on the mat, cup o’ tea, weeds to study, field guides, etc. And….the realContinue reading “Another, More Accurate View of Yesterday’s Post”

What is Home to Nikki Hansen

  Nikki Hansen was born in Elmer, NJ (when dinosaurs roamed the earth, or at least before the tiny local hospital splurged on air conditioning).  She currently lives in Glassboro, NJ. For me, “home” isn’t necessarily anchored in a single dwelling but is more the mental embodiment of comfort, beauty, joy, safety, memory, stimulation andContinue reading “What is Home to Nikki Hansen”

What is Home to Jane B. Miluski

  Jane B. Miluski was born in Philadelphia, PA and currently resides in Wallingford, PA Home for me is a a big pot of soup and a fine fat cat.  I live in the same house that my family moved into in July, 1937 when I was nine months old. I have been fortunate toContinue reading “What is Home to Jane B. Miluski”