The Neighborhood – The Final Version

The Neighborhood, 24″ x 24″, Mixed Media on Panel

I have been working on this piece for several years now. For awhile, it lived on a dowel and each house was on a string. But after awhile, that seemed awkward to display. Then I thought about making it a book and made fences to help the houses to connect together and stand up and then changed my mind. This is now how the houses will live. The houses and fences are adhered to a 24″ x 24″ paint panel. There is additional painting and drawing on top so it is a mixed media piece. Some detail images are below as well as some links of how it looked over time.

The Neighborhood – Detail
The neighborhood – Detail
The Neighborhood – Detail

This work can be seen in its various stages on these links:

Artist Book in Process

The neighborhood

10 thoughts on “The Neighborhood – The Final Version

  1. Diane — I love it. It is simply lovely. All of the pastels are making my heart smile, esp the pinks & yellows. You must be proud of your vision and perseverance. Will you be selling copies? I hope so. Justine


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    1. Hi Justine, always so nice to hear from you! Yes I am enjoying this house series very much. To answer your question, I don’t make copies of my work except of course my etchings and linoblocks but now I am inspired to think about that so thanks for the idea.


  2. I love this final version, Diane! Such great details. I want to come up with stories about the people living in each house. Thanks for sharing your progress on this piece – I’ve enjoyed following along.

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  3. Thank you Catherine. It was really fun when I finally stop trying to make it something that is was not (a book). I am pretty sure you lived in a house like this at one time since we both lived in the same area!


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