The Girl from Ipanema’s House

I am posting this at the insistence of a friend that urged I share it. I don’t know what made me think of this song recently but I did and was compelled to draw and write the following (see a typed version of the text under the image):

The text reads:

This is where the girl from Ipanema lives. The location of the house is unknown but many of the features were made public. It has a spiral staircase that goes to a sunk-in living room. There is shag carpeting and a wet bar. Though there is no pool there is a beautiful fountain in front of the house. On warmer days the windows are open and you can hear Henry Mancini records playing. People have seen her when the shades are up or when she is at the front door talking with a neighbor or a delivery person. She wears flat shoes and form fitting pedal pusher pants. Her tops are short and if her arm is raised you can see her belly. She wears her dark hair piled in a bun and likes long dangly earnings. She wears eyeliner, but no eye shadow unless she goes out. She is thinking it would be nice to have a small dog and if she gets one she will put a fancy collar on the dog and get a leash with tiny rhinestones.


Oddly, when I went looking for a version of this song to post I came across an interview with the actual woman this song was written about. She actually has (did have) dark hair and she obviously does like long dangly earrings and does like eye makeup. When the interviewer asked her what version she liked of the song, which was written by Antonio Carlos Jobim, she said the one by Frank Sinatra which, oddly, was not the most popular version of the song. However, in her honor, I will post a link to a version of the song (click here) done as a duet by Frank and Antonio.

14 thoughts on “The Girl from Ipanema’s House

  1. Wonderful! Thanks for the video link, too. I’d forgotten that Frank smoked–a lot, and even while performing. I know that was commonplace then, but it’s still a little shocking to see, today. So, does The Girl smoke, too?

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  2. It is said in a famous musical from last century, “Follies”, “First your another slow eyed vamp, then someone ‘s mother,  then you’re camp” and so goes “The Girl from Ipanema”but at least she had her MOMENT.

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