My Mom Eating Cheese

For reasons I do not know I have had an irresistible urge to paint this picture of my Mother so I set myself to that task yesterday in one of my sketchbooks. I remember when I was a teenager my Mom would sit in a chair and watch TV and she also usually had a book or magazine on her lap. Once in a while she would say she wanted a piece of cheese, which at times I was put to the task of getting. So here she is, in her comfy robe, eating a piece of cheese. I do not believe we had a chair that looked like that although I do believe we had chairs that color. However, we did have bold flowered curtains. I also am well aware that when people cross their legs, it does not look like this. My Mom sat with her legs crossed and a slipper usually dangled off her one foot. I did not bother with the slippers.

Mom Eating a Piece of Cheese

Coincidentally, I read a fun poem yesterday morning by Billy Collins called The Lanyard about a gift a kid gives to his mom. You can read that poem here.

5 thoughts on “My Mom Eating Cheese

  1. I’m glad you like it. I don’t know why this image came to mind for me. Afterwards I remembered that the chair and the curtains matched. My dad took an upholstery class and made everything the same fabric. If you stood still long enough, you would have clothes in that fabric most likely!!


  2. Yeah she’s been hanging around my mind a lot lately! She always liked sharp cheddar cheese. Of course back then there was not the selection in the supermarket there is now but that leads me to want to tell you about my dad and his stinkin’ cheese escapades.


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