Week Ending: March 4, 2022

Well this week was challenging so I am going to start off with something that I am very happy about and that is the salad of the week. Actually, it is not really the salad “of the week” in that I made another salad, a beet salad, which I have made several times but this time I forgot to leave the beets separate so of course everything turned red. It tasted good but looked kind of funny. However, this one I am happiest about – a basic Waldorf Salad. It is something nobody thinks about much but actually it not only is pretty easy but it is made out of crap you most likely already have in your refrigerator. I substituted raisins for grapes and I like butter lettuce (also called Boston lettuce) for this. For my dressing I did a 2:1 of plain yogurt to mayonnaise (not Greek yogurt), a bit of lemon, dill and cardamom. I think it would also be good with crumbled blue cheese but I did not have that so I put out a brick of cheddar cheese to have with it. We do what we can, right?

Ok, I am not a food writer so what else? Well, at work, I finished another box of plants. Two boxes left which means less than 600 specimens left. If you are coming onto this blog for the first time, you can see what I am talking about here. But no poison ivy this week! Yay!

Oh, I virtually attended a presentation of my friend Marlene Adler’s book that she illustrated on Purim. You can see more of Marlene’s work here as well as with other organizations with which she is involved. Afterwards I had a mad desire for Hamantash and went on a recipe search. My friend Cindy has sent me this wonderful pastry in the mail before but the last time she attempted it, well, it never made it. She received it back in the mail many months later! I figured it would be moldy as it is very buttery but she said it was not moldy but was in the texture range of hockey pucks.

And, last weekend, my husband and I went to view my exhibition that opened at the Hickory Museum of Art. I will write more about this later as I was very, very overwhelmed seeing it for the first time. So for now, I can’t really say much other than the museum did a beautiful job displaying everything. Here is an overview of each case below.

Case 1, As I See Things, Hickory Museum of Art, 2022
Case 2, As I See Things, Hickory Museum of Art, 2022

Yep, they did a great job! Will go visit again and look better at the other new exhibitions as well. The difficulty this week had to do with allergies. My medicine that I normally take stopped working and triggered other allergy related issues. Ugh! Anyway, not that big of a deal, just annoying. So that is it for now.

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