Garden Sketches

Sorry if you are opening this post expecting a quaint garden scenes complete with water features, statues of St. Francis, and a rainbow of color but instead you are finding these:

The great thing about sketchbooks for me is that I never know what is going to appear. For the top piece, which I will call Tomato Volcano, I just wanted to glue stuff. I have a small tray of things I have cut out from prints and other interesting scraps of paper and found some leftover tomatoes from my I Was A Tomato Farmer book. I was attending a Zoom meeting and figured I needed to do something mindless so I could focus on what was being said. Result: tomatoes being flung from the top of a volcano! Next it was time to play with some micro metallic gel pens I have and a blue brush pen which resulted in this building with a garden growing up the side.

I also worked on a Zine for a few upcoming teaching projects. I will share that in a future post.

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