World Atlas – my new pastime

I have always loved maps, especially very old maps and maps of odd things. Along with all of this is an interest in geography in a very broad sense – from land masses to the types of signs you see different places. So I figured it was about time that I owned a world atlas but I was not about to buy one that I never saw.

Because I have a very limited attention span when it comes to reading pretty much anything, I need to have something with lots of images and concise, easy to grasp text. One day last year I went to my local library to look at atlases to see if there was a particular one that I might want to buy and was greatly disappointed in not only the lack of what they had in quantity as well as quality. So I sort of gave up this idea of owning an atlas until a few weeks ago when I was in the Ivy Bookshop in Baltimore. I could not find any atlases but asked their very accommodating staff if they had any. The woman I asked went to a storage area and came back with three atlases of different sizes and scope and I choose The DK Reference World Atlas, 11th edition. An accompanying tag line reads ‘An encyclopedia in an atlas’

True to its description, this atlas has information I never even dreamed could be included in an atlas such maps of the average number of caloric intake per person in the country! I have some images of some of the informational maps below. All this is before you even get to the actual maps of the whole world. This book will give me hours of enjoyment! Not to mention a mini work out every time I go to lift it. Thank you DK publishing for putting out such a great reference book.

2 thoughts on “World Atlas – my new pastime

  1. A wonderful find! This is an example of what we “give up” as independent book shops disappear. The knowledge of old inventory and what may be ordered! Happy you found an atlas that brings you joy.

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  2. Yes, it is a great find. All three they had were nice but this was the most comprehensive. I figured if I am getting one, I may as well go for the gusto.


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