What is Home to Allison Wooley

Home - Allison Wooley
Allison Wooley ~ Home

Allison Wooley was born in Cleveland, Ohio and currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

When thinking about what home means to me, I thought of all the various places I lived or traveled to and made my home.  I began thinking of that saying “home is where the heart is”.  Being born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and then spending 17 years in Philadelphia, and visiting my sister in Wisconsin on a regular basis, I thought of the many places I call home.  Whether it’s family, friends or coworkers, I have managed to make a home in various cities.  I even call the Dagara Music center in Ghana my family because we made such lasting relationships.  I collaged my piece using maps and photos and included a heart in the center.  

What is Home to Shonah Brown

Shonah Brown ~ Home

Shonah Brown was born in Charlotte, NC and currently resides in Mooresville, NC

Home to me  means so many things.  Home is where I grew up.  Home is my safe place where I have raised my family.  Home is at my church.  Home is LOVE.  It’s hard to paint all that love.  So I choose my North Carolina to call home.  I grew up with Lake Norman in my back yard, before it was popular.  I am a “LOCAL”, not many of us around here.  My children grew up on a boat on Lake Norman and beautiful Lake James about an hour west in the foot hills of Carolina.  One more hour west is the Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Some of my fondest memories growing up are hiking these mountains.  Shinning Rock was always my favorite.  It is in the Pisgah National Forest and a day hike will take you to these huge white quarts boulders that you can climb up on and see some awesomeness that God has made.  Travel east to the North Carolina coast and find the Outer banks and light houses.  Cape Lookout near Harper’s Island, brings back good memories of fishing with my Dad.  North Carolina is a great place to call home.

About Shonah:  My name is Shonah Brown and I was born in Charlotte, NC and I live 20 miles north in Mooresville, NC.  I enjoy painting large backdrops for Christian Groups and Church plays and VBS (vacation bible school).  Some have been 16 feet tall and one was 120 feet long for The Last Supper.  These can be folded up and reused.  I also paint murals on church walls and homes.


What is Home to Mark Young

For this particular post, it is best to read the commentary from Mark first, then view his video which is posted after his comments. 

Mark Young lives and works in Chester County, PA, to the northwest of Philadelphia and was born and raised in Delaware County, just to the southwest of the city.

I have served as a United Methodist pastor for thirty years, which influences how I have tried to express what “home” means, since I get to see how that answer changes for people over their lifetimes as well as having become aware that the answer would be fluid for myself as well.

Because it seems to me that the meaning of home changes with a person’s age, I made a mobile. I tried to take pictures but ended up with the video that I submitted.

As a child, home is the world, or at least the center of it. When you grow too large for those constraints, it’s the place to move from. Later in life a house or a home is more of a refuge at the end of the day. Finally, when it becomes physically impossible to remain (as it does for many people), “home” or “the house” becomes more of a memory.


What is Home to Diana Vazquez

Diana Vazquez ~ Home

Diana Vazquez resides in Toronto, Canada.

I live in the downtown core of a busy city in a neighbourhood filled with apartment buildings. During the day, I only see lines and grids and blank windows – people and their homes are shrouded in anonymity. But at night, through lighted windows, I can sometimes see the warmth of family life and community around me. Although many of us spend our days in the noise and bustle of the city, we have the pleasure of coming home, which to me, is a place of serenity and light.

About Diana: I started drawing to quiet my mind a couple of years ago and found that I liked it.  I share some of my explorations with drawing and painting on my blog: https://asmuchcake.com/

What is Home to Sheldon Strober

Sheldon - house
Sheldon Strober ~ Home

Sheldon Strober was born in Delaware Township, NJ and currently resides in center city Philadelphia.

I have bought, sold and refurbished nearly a dozen houses. I loved working and living in them.  They delivered challenge, comfort, beauty as well as handsome profits. Each project was a loving experience in which I cooperated and interpreted historic architecture and detail while integrating mechanicals and technology of the present.

About Sheldon:  Sheldon Strober seeks to express personal memories and current perceptions on the many aspects of his environment, and attempts to open these thoughts and feelings in an interactive process with the viewer.  He exhibits in numerous solo, juried and invitational show in the Mid- Atlantic region. His awards and honors include listings on the Bucks County Artists Data Base at the Michener Museum, Geraldine R. Dodge Fellowship, and N. J. Best Practices in Art and Education Awards. Strober is counted in the permanent collections of the Michener Museum, the Hunterdon County Courthouse and library, and Teachers College, Columbia.

What is Home to Alice Sudduth

Cookie Cutter House1
Alice Sudduth ~ Home

Alice Sudduth was born and raised in Monticello, GA and currently resides in Davidson, NC.

I haven’t moved a lot in my life.  I’ve spent most of my life in the southern US, mainly in Georgia and North Carolina.  Most of my life I’ve lived in houses that are adjacent to wooded areas and I find that besides the neighbors I have I also think of the natural world around me as part of my neighborhood.  There are lots of ways to stay in touch with family near and far.  But I love being able on a daily basis to see and hear the non-human creatures that enrich my world.  I can’t separate the idea of home from the idea of family, and I don’t want to separate them from the natural world.

About Alice:  Alice is a retired psychotherapist.  Since retirement she has been enjoying playing around with art, connecting with nature, making music and trying to stay out of trouble.

What is Home to Karen Muldoon

Karen 2
Karen Muldoon ~ Home #1

Karen Muldoon  was born in Philadelphia, PA  and currently resides in Hampton, VA

When I was young, home was always where my mother was. I took a long cross country trip in my 20s and when people asked me where home was I said “New Jersey” even though I had never lived there. My family had moved there while I was away. Later, when I married home was wherever my husband and I were together. We had a sailboat and sailed to many different places. Wherever we were together was home. So to me home is not so much a place as it is where I am with people I love. Hence, the sailboat and the couple in a heart.Karen 1

Karen Muldoon ~ Home #2


Your Local Department Store

Above the entrance of the now defunct Lit Brothers advertising a courtesy service.   Photo by Carmen Martino

While there are chain departments stores that you can find in almost any city, there are those special local/regional ones that define an area. Where I am originally from, there were not only wonderful larger local department stores but some smaller ones as well. The larger department stores I am speaking of are Strawbridge & Clothier, John Wanamakers, and Lit Brothers.  The smaller stores, and less well known are The Blum Store and Nan Duskins.  If the names of any of these retailers are familiar to you then you are most likely from, or have spent a fair amount of time, in the Philadelphia area.

Blum Store Sign
High above street level, this sign for the Blum Store with their elegant logo of a gloved lady’s hand holding a parasol, has weathered time.


Old Belk's Store
One of the older Belk’s locations somewhere in the Carolinas




Sounds Familiar

Off and on we enjoy visiting Salisbury, NC, a small city/town approximately 40 miles from where we currently live. Salisbury is place rich in history and home to a wonderful main street and fabulous cultural facility called the Waterworks Visual Arts Center.

On a fairly recent visit, I heard two sounds that, not to be corny, resonated with me. Both sounds took me back years in time.

Salisbury, North Carolina
Salisbury, NC

The first sound was church bells. When I was a child growing up in Philadelphia, the church bells rang a few times a day and the melody that played around dinner time is especially memorable to me, not just because it meant “get home” but because it was a lovely tune.  I have since learned most church bells are now generated via computer, often several states away from the actual church.  Quasimodo would have to be retrained or find himself unemployed.

The second sound was something that I completely forgot about:  people in a wedding party beeping their horns.  I asked some people younger than myself if this is something they ever heard or heard of and it was not familiar to them. The main reason probably stems from the more recent tradition of holding the wedding and reception at the same location.

Another source of sound that, for me, conjures up feelings of familiarity and comfort is the radio.  Where I grew up, there is a 24 hour news station on the radio. Their slogan is “you give us 22 minutes, we’ll give you the world”.  Aside from their slogan and very catchy jingle, the sound that was always sort of comforting to me was this strange typewriter like sound that was a constant “taptaptaptap” in the background of the anchorperson’s voice.  I am including a live link below (you may have to sit through a commercial) but if you listen to the actual newscaster, you will hear that sound in the background.   KYW Newsradio link

Out of habit, and possibly a bit of nostalgia, the last time I was in that area, I put on KYW waiting for that “taptaptap” and the comfort it was to bring. Oddly, after two plus years away, I did not find it at all comforting but rather irritating.  When tuning into other stations I had listened to, DJ’s voices that once were like family seemed strange.  On my way home, when I approached an area where I was able to get my current stations and heard the voices that are now part of my everyday life, I found myself thinking “home at last”.